Roadie, The Stuffed Sock
Roadie, The Stuffed Sock
Roadie, The Stuffed Sock

Roadie, The Stuffed Sock


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Save the Children is a global non-profit that has been committed for over a century to helping people in need all around the world. As the violence escalates so does the need for humanitarian help. Every day, reports of attacks on civilian targets reveal that millions of children are at risk, of not only violence but also critical levels of hunger and poverty.
It's essential that the world stays united in support of innocent victims.
Donate To A Trusted Emergency Fund Now!

100% of proceeds go to Save the Children.

Roadie is the cutest possible combination of the will to help those in need and the reuse of our production odds and ends of our Lightning Socks.
These little guys are actually handmade by one of our very talented workers at our factory in Portugal.

Reuse of our production odds and ends. Upcycled product.