Watch out – here comes The Police Socks 🚔

Watch out – here comes The Police Socks 🚔

Although short-lived, one of the world’s most iconic power trios left their indelible footprint on pop culture forever. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to your sock drawer The Police!

It may come as a surprise, but the London born, new wave meets punk, with a dash of jazz and reggae collective, only released five studio albums, during the course of 6 years (1977 to 1983).

The Police were the brainchild of Gordon Sumner (AKA Sting), an extremely talented classically trained bass player and singer, and Stewart Copeland, an American born army brat with a knack for odd time signatures behind the drums. Legend tells it that the band’s name was taken from Copeland’s dad curious line of work – Miles Copeland Jr. was one of the CIA’s original founders.

Andy Summers, the Police’s guitar player, joined the band shortly after its formation. The trio’s original sound was not an immediate success – its first major breakthrough came when the single “Roxanne” was marketed as being banned by the BBC (when, in fact, it wasn’t).
But the punk attitude of (supposedly) having a song blacklisted by national
radio resonated, and The Police’s career took off.
Their debut album erupted in 1978, introducing a blend of rock, punk, and reggae. Hits like "Roxanne" and "Can't Stand Losing You" showcased their sound and set the stage for a worldwide meteoric rise.

Behind the scenes, The Police were a (at least, for a while) harmonious clash of personalities. Copeland's frenetic drumming clashed with Sting's classic perfectionism, creating a creative tension that fueled their music. But the harmony didn’t last long.

In 1983, at the zenith of their success, The Police stunned the world by announcing their disbandment. All members pursued individual paths, with Sting leading the way, giving birth to one of the most tantric (sorry not sorry) solo artists of modern times.

As for the songs themselves, we have to single out "Every Breath You Take".Despite its romantic tone, it was inspired by Sting's divorce, reflecting the darker side of love. Come to think of it, “every move you make, every step you take, I’ll be watching you” kinda sounds more like a surveillance operation than a love letter, doesn’t it?



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