Frida Khalo Socks

Frida Khalo Socks
It is often said that art is better nourished by pain and suffering.
That those who traverse a life of hardship produce the most powerful
and resonant work. The struggle of Frida Kahlo served as both a motivation
and a theme for her paintings. Using her wits and personality to support
the Mexican Revolution, and becoming a pioneer in Mexican femininity.
Through her boundless ability and resolve in spite of her multiple physical

limitations, she gave her life meaning and surrounded herself with influential
figures and activists. Mainly through self-portraits, she would empower
herself, and the female figure, turning the muse paradigm on its head.
These artworks made her famous and an accomplished artist.
But, in these canvases, donned with symbolism and powerful
themes, she would become a godlike figure, limitless and timeless.
She would become a symbol of hope and progress and the
face of modern women and their struggles, everywhere, and forever.