About Earth Day 🌍

About Earth Day 🌍

So...exactly where is somewhere? The truth is: we don’t know either. We believe it’s in a brighter, sunnier, greener tomorrow. We believe that, somewhere, the pot at the end of the rainbow is filled with hope. It has to, right? If decades of non-stop partying in Planet A taught us anything is that there is no Planet B – and that we need to take better care of the place we call home. 

At Sock Affairs, our journey on the road to somewhere has already begun. Hop on and help us build a better future - a pair of socks at a time.

What we aim for:

1. Packaging

- By 2024, 90% of our packaging will be made of recycled (and reciclable) paper

- We’re taking care of the other 10% as we speak

2. Organic Cotton

- In 2024, 10% of our cotton will be organically sourced. In 2025, 20%, 2026, 30%

- In a near future, 100% of our cotton will be organic - or similar

3. Certified B Corporation

- In 3 years, we´ll be a B-Corp Certified Company

- A guarantee that Sock Affairs is meeting the highest standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. It’s a big deal and we’re really looking forward to it :)

Steps we´ve taken:

1. Work/Life Balance: Unlocked

- We are hybrid, really flexible, and we like to believe our team is happy in the workplace. 

- But hey, why don´t you ask them? Just drop an email at info@sockaffairs.com and we will try to answer as soon as possible.

2. Meet Wheelies: Our upcycling buddy

- The cutest combo of the will to help and the need to reuse our production odds and ends.

- All proceeds from Wheelies sales go to SAVE THE CHILDREN – go take a look at www.savethechildren.net, they need all the help they can get.

 3. Small Batches, Make a big difference

- For several reasons, we make our socks in relatively small batches.

- Which means we don’t have that much stock, which means little to no waste.

 4. 100% Made in Portugal

- Our entire supply chain - offices, factories, warehouse - is anchored in Portugal.

- No planes, no boats, no unnecessary car travels.

- We try to leave the smallest footprint possible in everything we do.

Regardless of our efforts and reseraches, we know this is a team effort so we are open to any suggestions you might want to share with us. 


This is our commitment to the Future, a journey to a better sock world.