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Lauda Socks
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Lauda Socks

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At some point, the sequence of events from the 1976 season made it unlikely that either Lauda or Hunt could be crowned champion. 

Lauda, seemed effortlessly on course for his second title in a row, by winning five out of the first nine rounds.

Then came the infamous German Grand Prix, held at the so-called “Green Hell”. And hell it was for Lauda, as he inexplicably crashed at one of the easiest corners of the circuit. Brett Lunger couldn’t avoid a brutal collision with the Ferrari. Lauda’s helmet went flying, as his car burst into flames.

At the hospital, he was given the Last Rites, showing how serious his condition was. Against all odds, 39 days later he sat at the wheel of a Ferrari. His strength, courage, and willpower were the stuff of legends.

Paying tribute to Niki and James is celebrating friendship, true sportsmanship, and bravery, and now you can comfortably do it!