Japanese food pack Socks 🛫

Japanese food pack Socks 🛫

Or better said, "irasshaimasse!" - the welcome greeting you get when you enter a store or a restaurant in the world's most alien nation of all. Being a cluster of islands has deeply shaped Japan's culture. What could be seen as a factor of isolation has boosted the country's creativity, resourcefulness, and a unique approach to everything — from pop culture to fashion, and especially food.

More than just staples of Japanese gastronomy, sushi and ramen recently became a global phenomenon — today, they seem to be woven (see what we did there?) into the fabric of everyday life all over the globe. But where did it all begin?

Sushi's origins trace back to the 8th century, where it began
as a preservation method, using fermented rice to keep fish fresh.
In 19th-century Tokyo, this evolved into Edomae-zushi, where fresh
fish was placed on small rice mounds. In the 20th century, sushi soared
in popularity with the introduction  of nigiri and maki. What about ramen, you may ask. 


Originally from China, lamen (yep, lamen) made its way to Japan in the late 19th century. In the '50s, instant ramen revolutionised the game, becoming a global sensation. At its core, ramen is as simple as it gets — pasta, some protein, and a really delicious broth, a combo that has been filling stomachs and warming hearts since the rest of the planet first discovered it. 

The world's fascination with Asian traditions and customs is an
old one. But the West's love for bite-sized fish and rice delicacies and
very hot bowls of broth and noodles seems to have grown exponentially
in the past few decades. After all, it's only fair — we gave them tempura
and castella cake;  it was about time we got something
equally delicious in return.

If it's true that opposites attract, it's no wonder we're so fascinated by otherworldly Japan — its neon-clad cities, in contrast with the ancient temples and shrines, its unique approach to comics, design, gastronomy, and music, or its humble, generous, and hard-working people.


 Our newly launched Japanese Food Pack,
with its exclusive yummy packaging, filled with
our ramen and sushi socks, is our heartfelt
beautifully crafted, and quirky tribute to this
UFO of a country called Japan.