Mondrian Composition II Socks 🟥 🟦 🟨

Mondrian Composition II Socks 🟥 🟦 🟨

Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist and pioneer of the De Stijl movement, is best known for his revolutionary approach to art. His Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, completed in 1930, is a masterpiece that embodies the essence of Neoplasticism.

This current emerged in the early 20th century, and it sought to strip art to its fundamental elements. It broke the mould for what was perceived as art’s limits, and opened a Pandora's box of new possibilities for established and up and coming artists. But what was, and still is, so special about this painting?

Three is a magic number

In Composition II, Mondrian only uses the three primary colours: red, blue, and yellow (along with white and black, of course). The deliberate colour choice is not only aesthetically striking, but it also symbolises the essence of Neoplasticism — simplicity, universality, and purity. As Mondrian once put it, "I construct lines and colour combinations on a flat surface to express, in its very essence, the true nature of things."



Reading (between) the lines

Upon first glance,you may not see it, but if you look at the black lines in the painting, you’ll notice that the line in the upper left of the composition is double the thickness of the other lines.

Mondrian believed that this choice gave life to his work. He was transforming his thoughts away from the belief in stillness as a universal necessity, and towards the idea that even a completely abstract and harmonious composition needs energy in order to feel alive.

Paint sounds

Mondrian was deeply influenced by jazz music, particularly its improvisational nature. In Composition II, the dynamic arrangement of rectangles and lines reflects the syncopated rhythms of jazz, showcasing the artist’s fascination with the interplay of art and music. If you look deeply into the painting, there’s definitely a Coltrane sax peeking behind the lines and squares :)

While you may not be able to get your hands on one of Mondrian’s paintings (at least, for now), you may still get your feet into these socks, a deserved best-seller within our Art Collection.