Walk into the Starry Night Socks!

Walk into the Starry Night Socks!

There is no true artistic creation without acomplex mind, and most of the times,admittedly,a bit of sadness.That explains why in one of the deepest moments of his short life,VanGogh created such a beautiful, meaningful, and iconic painting.Vincent was born in a family in which there had been several artists and art dealers, and his rigid mother encouraged him to draw and paint. However, this influence was soon to fade as after some years of home schooling, he was sent away to a boarding school, which made him feel miserable. In Vincent’s own words, his infancy was “austere and cold, and sterile”.

This sadness led him to an errant life and many frustrations. Unable to set a course in life, Vincent became mentally unstable, to the point of cutting his own ear after an altercation with his friend Gauguin.It was in the sequence of these events that Van Gogvoluntarily went to live in an asylum at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

It was from the window of his room at the asylum that Vincent could see the Starry Nighthe depicted during the day, from memory.It is known that from his window he couldn’tpossibly see any buildings, so everything isportrayed relying on his memory and his impression of what he could see at night. 

The unusual strokes, the whirlpools, the color contrasts,and the sheer intensity of the painting made it iconic and representative of the post-impressionistmovement.

There are several interpretations, some rather far-fetched, of the hypothetical meaning of each element of the painting. 

But one needs no complex analysis to  marvel at the intense and unique  way in which the artist represents his view of the world.  Having taken his life at 37, Van Gogh was commercially unsuccessful and never got the recognition he deserved while he was alive. But his influence is forever alive and kicking, especially when you wear it. 

The fact that these socks are a best seller, is atestimony to the  appreciation for Van Gogh’s art.